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Discovery Protocol

Index allows you to create truly personalised and
autonomous discovery experiences across the web

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Semantic Index

Index stores data on a decentralized knowledge graph, making it queryable in natural language. By storing vector embeddings on the same graph, Index introduces a new open layer for information discovery.

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Decentralized Semantic Index


Index any kind of data to an open and decentralized knowledge graph to make it composable with blockchain backed privacy.


Generate & store your vector embeddings, make your data discoverable in an open network.


Store, share, and discover verifiable generative information.

Discovery Protocol

The discovery protocol of Index allows users to query multiple indexes together. This enables users to have an integrated discovery experience, ensuring responses are both personalized and trusted.

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Discovery Protocol

Multi-index queries

Compose natural language based questions and get knowledge linked responses from multiple sources.

Real-time listening

Subscribe to contexts like "tell me if something new happens about quantum materials

Discovery Agents

Index allows the automation of knowledge tasks by using AI agents and facilitates the composition of autonomous agents, bringing together a variety of economic models and methods.

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Real-time Discovery Agents

Reactive, streaming agents

Invite multiple agents to automate and personalize discovery experiences and allow getting multiple perspectives.

Open, network of agents

Enable thousands of agents to work together, in an independent, self-sovereign and private way.

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