Index Network is live on testnet.

The human bridge between context and content

Index Network helps you to create composable discovery engines.

Discovery as a Network

Index is the discovery protocol in web3, which enables composable
queries across interoperable discovery engines.
Creating a discovery ecosystem as a network promotes greater participation in
decentralized discovery and contributes to a diverse and inclusive web.

Create contextual discovery engines from your data

For any kind of content

Index products, articles, documents, NFTs, photos, videos, tweets and any other kind of content.

From any source

Update your indexes directly from the apps you use or stay up-to-date with the indexes you follow.

Collaborate on two-person projects up to DAO-scale. Monetize independently.

Multiplayer Indexes

Specify on-chain criteria like "user must hold an NFT" and the network will provide permission to those who meet those criteria.

Creator Monetization

Monetize indexes with your own terms by composing access control conditions

Use cases


Enable builders to interact with technologies using composable discovery engines.
  • Ask how to integrate multiple technologies
  • Build with real-time, verified knowledge


Use composable indexes to provide readers navigate diverse narratives and viewpoints in news media, promoting a well-rounded understanding.
  • Compare different perspectives, understand biases
  • Explore historical context from verified sources
  • Ask for facts by using fact-check indexes


Facilitate collaboration and data sharing among researchers for decentralized scientific discovery.
  • Bridge gaps between different research fields
  • Connect academia with industry partners
  • Engage in scientific debate


Access and compare insights from various consulting firms. Evaluate strategies, market analyses, and industry trends for informed decisions.
  • Expose perspectives to multiple contexts
  • Evaluate the business impacts of new technologies
  • Review diverse perspectives on trends

Brand + Tastemaker

Redefine how taste-makers engage with brands and humans, shifting from specific brand curation to indexing personal taste for authentic recommendations.
  • Blend taste with products
  • Compose a style symphony that is uniquely yours
  • Uncover hidden brand synergies

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